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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maxis Mobile2Top-Up by Virtual Payments

Kadang-kadang sukar nak topup terutama bila dalam kecemasan tayar kereta pancit tengah-tengah jalan, kereta rosak atau kemalangan. Ini adalah salah satu cara topup dengan menggunakan hp by Virtual Payments

SIX Steps for FREE registration of *119# MaxisMobile2Top-Ups via UMB / your mobile phone.

Upon registration PLEASE make sure:
-ONE mobile number-ONE NRIC number-ONE debit/credit card number
-This is a ONE-TIME registration
-You have a debit/credit card with Visa or MasterCard logo in front of the card
-Your debit/credit card is active and has sufficient amount for ACTIVATION top up
-Your debit/credit card is active for receiving of 3D-Secured Pin by card issuing Bank

For other telcos, do not worry. Do call us at 03-8023 3094 / 2404 for further information and assistant. Other way, do drop us an email at

 Dial/call *119#

Reply 1 (YES) to continue with the registration / 2 (EXIT) to continue later.
 Step 1: Enter your NAME as per NRIC

 Step 2 (a): Enter your NEW NRIC No.

Step 2 (b): Reply 1 (YES) to confirm your New NRIC No. / 2 (NO) to re-enter your New NRIC No.
Step 3 (a): Enter your personal 6-digit Paycode. (or as top up Password)
 Step 3 (b): Re-enter your personal 6-digit Paycode for confirmation

Step 4 (a): For ACTIVATION of *119#, you must perform any amount of top up. (POSTPAID user need to enter a Hotlink mobile number / PREPAID user need to confirm your mobile number)

Step 4 (b): For ACTIVATION of *119#, re-confirm mobile number
Step 5 (a): For ACTIVATION of *119#, select amount to top up (PLEASE make sure you have sufficient amount in your bank account to AVOID registration failed and your debit/credit card is active for 3D secured pin)
Step 5 (b): Received notification
Step 5 (c): Received sms (22088). Remember your TAC code and click on the URL link given to proceed with registration process (You can also copy the URL link and open through web browser from your computer or laptop)
Step 6 (a): (URL SECURED web link) Enter your credit/debit card details

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