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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Google buat LAWAK

1. Cuba korang buka Google Maps
2. Click on Get Directions
3. Type in China as starting point
4. Type in New York as ending point
5. Click on Get Directions button
6. Go to no. 93 on the list of directions
7. Laugh and repost to your friends!!

Kayak accross the Pacific Ocean
Hahahaha....ada ke orang larat nak kayakk sepanjang laut tuh...mau tersadai tengah laut nanti...tak pun mati keletihan nanti......

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stormz said...

msti pengsan kt tgh2 laut.hawaii pun xsmpai

meriahceria said...

hahahaha...tau takpe...mati kering kat tengah laut.....

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