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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Apam Mekar

 Julie suka buat kuih apam mekar ni, refer pada link julie apam mekar senyum kedekut

Tapi nak dapat mekar nye tuh...punya lah susah.....huh...dalam 10 kali buat 2-3 kali je dpt mekar tp mekar nye tak le mekar sangat. Any tips anyone?....thanks in advance....terpaksa minta tips kat sini, penat google...sama je sume resepi nye..maybe teknik lain

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Tihara said...

sedap apam ni :)

Anonymous said...

hi!This was a really splendid subject!
I come from itlay, I was fortunate to find your topic in digg
Also I obtain a lot in your website really thank your very much i will come every day

meriahceria said...

Hi Tihara and anonymous...

thanks for visit..:)

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