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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Restaurant Opening - Rumours Indonesian Bistro

Business Card
For those wanna to try, just make a call!
Fillet fish with nasi pulut (if i,m not mistaken)
Beef Satay, not bad..
The menu, i choose set b
The entrance
Nasi ayam serai lengkuas
Kerepek tempe and apple...rasa nye sedap dan manis
Me and Zarah (anak colleague ofis, azma, player hoki negara..hihihi)
Azma and family
Ada live band...syok gak sambil makan
Fruit punch
Yesterday, azma and me went to restaurant opening at Cyberjaya. Not far from our office. Not bad, and the food was yummy! Enjoy the pictures!
Update: There few friends went to rumours recently, they said the price range below RM20 for fried rice, the fine dining around RM60++. Have a good try everyone! 

Ada WALI BAND performance di sini!

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kak ina kl said...

salam kan sekali sekala dapat makan kat luar bersama member..

ooo kamu pun ada masalah cam akak ek..ala badan besar tak semestinya tak cun kan

meriahceria said...

salam akak ina,

ahah....saya ni badan besar...after dpt anak, terus tak jaga makan, metabolisme lak makin rendah...mcm di pam2...btul..bdn besar tak semesti nya tak cun kan..hihihhi

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