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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long long way to go

Dahulu: kecil dan agak ayu (angkat bakul sendiri..tak bole bla)
Now which is today: lihat betapa besar nye saya! lolz
Today is fourth day diet. Overall takde lemak yg kurang melainkan rasa perasan sendiri konon badan da kecik skit. rasa nye kandungan air yg makin kurang. long way to go nak reduce fats ni since it too much n much. hahhahaa.... Seriously nak reduce fats ni berganda gizilion ye berbanding nak menggemuk nya...maka :( MeriaCeria is a personal website. Every opinions and information contained in this website is for owner's own satisfaction. Any reliance you place on such information is therefor at your own risk. Owner will not be responsible for any damage or harm caused. Reviews, comments and opinions are welcome.

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