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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arin's Wedding

Holla....punye la lama baru nak upload gambar cousin's weeding at grand dorset subang few months back. Gila punye meriah ngan taruna dance pusing satu alam nye. Okey, enjoy the pictures!
Cik shuben , me and the brides (my cousin yg pengatin lelaki, n this majlis from our side)

Naz as the mc for the day Ayah dan mak yg keletihan melayan acara yg seharian suda..hehhehe
Witra was so excited!
Nyanyi berduet dgn cik bob af2. hihihiihhihi So Lavish! Aku tumpang sanding duduk 5 minit skali..hahhaha Peace! 3 Generasi Sedang kusyuk duet ngan bob af 2 Arin and kat
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