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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tadika Pasti Lestari Putra

Today was witra's first day of school. We decided to choose pasti after our bad bad experience with that tadika yg well known at lestari putra as very very bad kindy.
Okay. Not much we can talk bout tadika pasti lestari putra since newly open today. Student ye mmg amat ramai bout 70+ students. Rather than that,kelam kabut tu lumrah hari pertama sekolah.
Menangis here and there mmg satu perkara wajib dan witra pun tidak terkecuali. Management decide to separate students by ages. Obviously 5 years yg plg byk almost 30 students. Duduk setengah hari mmg buat sy hampir senak perut..hahaha of kos la,mak ye da umo 3 series duduk at kindy, what to expect kan.
Maybe management can consider to separate 5 years into 2 class and naming class by nama2 syurga. Had send sms to En Syed, manager pasti and looking forward the transformation. Majulah pasti!
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