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Monday, January 30, 2012

Lunch treat at Nyonya Valley Restaurant Cyberjaya

Fried Wantan Mee with chicken
Hot Lemon
Dinosour Milo Tabur
Fried Rice Tomyam
Recomended :Special Fried Rice Nyonya Valley (Sedap, crispy chicken, fried prawn)
Me and Iylia (best buddy at office) also bff
Hep...menikmati aroma lemon tea!
The entrance of Nyonya ValleY Restaurant
Yeay...lunch treat by our beloved bos, Mr Abe. Seronok sbb esok pun ada lunch treat by Ms Helen.

Nyonya Valley Restaurant ni dulu kat sebelah petronas cyberjaya. The menu was superb and delicious (my third visit here).
Servis dia pun bagus. Ok...mari kita makan!
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