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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Persona Elegance Rear Brake Drum issues

Updated on Thursday 15 December 2011: Wrong name-fixed,all complaint-fixed, and all this fixed by our best man ever in proton, Mr Hairi, proton i-Care...why i called him best man ever?....caused him the only one willing to do it from A TO Z without fail. Refer here for more details Siapa pernah memiliki dan sedang memiliki proton persona elegance?...Aku nak share experience if ada pengalaman yg menarik di service proton. Seperti yang di ketahui, aku baru beli persona elegance and problem?...ok sume dah refix dengan FOC ye sbb aku mmg servis kereta di sc and still under warranty. Aku suke kereta ni, bentuk tip top dan besar untuk sumbat segala benda yang aku nak sumbat. Tapi satu problem yg tak pernah settle dari dlu sampai skrang adalah rear brake drum. Aku rasa dari tahun 2010 sampai tahun disember 2011 ni tak pernah2 settle. Currently aku masih dalam proses perbincangan dengan proton icare to refix this problem but at the same time, aku nak gain knowledge dalam benda ni supaya ada win-win situation. Aku tahu to solve this, aku must change to disc brake but again aku la yg kene kuar kan $$..aku gila frust dengan masalah ni. Why not they just mention masa diorang jual kete ni dlu, you must refix the drum ni here and there for the rest of your life! Here aku attached kan few links yg aku rasa berguna for those pe owner: Aku harap next sesi, which is on 14 december 2011(rabu) at cose,shah alam dgn proton dpt membuahkan hasil yg aku tanggung sepanjang 2 tahun ni. peace yo! Update 8 December 2011: Able to to send a complaint to upper management and awaiting for a feedback Update 9 December 2011: Still no news and highly disappointing. MeriaCeria is a personal website. Every opinions and information contained in this website is for owner's own satisfaction. Any reliance you place on such information is therefor at your own risk. Owner will not be responsible for any damage or harm caused. Reviews, comments and opinions are welcome.

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