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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rahsia Kurus Julie?


Rahsia Kurus Julie? Sebenarnya tiada rahsia..maaf tajuk saja i bagi gempak..hihihii..All is about exercises and segalanya bermula disini, Curves Laman Seri 

Kredit to: Curves Laman Seri Shah Alam

I tahu, sesetangah will thinking, ada consume apa-apa ubat tak likes ubat kurus dalam masa 6 jam ke, or whatsoever, but i dont!

Last year, i dapat curvette of the year. Tq coach aida (yg sangat supportive, love you aida!), and not to forget, coach zu dan zaf (yang sangat sweet dan prihatin! without you, segalanya pasti mustahil) Love you so much and much.

Curvette of The Year 2014

I will cerita a little bit how i lose weight di sini. (This is based my own experience, and it may not suit to you.. :).  Firstly, I try my best to cut my sugar and salt also carbs. I memang selalu skip breakfast, sebab i rasa senang nak lose weight if i skip breakfast. hehe...doc yang membaca jangan marah. 

Then, lunch i makan sayur and buah. Balik office, before magbrib, i akan makan something yg heavy skit but not in big amount macam mihun goreng atau tomyam mihun. Malam kalau lapar sangat i akan makan buah (selalu orang buat stok barang basah, i buat stok buah).

Hah, sebelum lupa, i memang tak minum minuman manis langsung, not at all. I cuma minum air putih, dalam sehari at least 3 litres! Witra too (anak perempuan tunggal seorang ni) i didik dari kecik minum air suam. Till now, witra only tahu air kosong. She knew few sweet drinks like milo dan sirap. 

In the beginning, memang sangat susah and nothing is easy kan...jadi slowly and take one step at once. I took one year to lose weight and i know, you, yes YOU! can do it! Never give up! Never ever give up! Semua orang ada target to lose weight, set your target and try to achieve it.

InsyaAllah, i will try my best to share any tips, and again, SHARING IS CARING.

Lots of love, 


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