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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ramadhan karem

Alhamdullilah,ramadhan kali ini so many good things happened no matter from me or my friends, ada yg da dpt keje baru, tahniah. Overall alhamdullilah.

This ramadhan, i decided to away from nasi, as result, i lost another 1 kg, but fuh, only gemuks like me know camner rasa life without nasi.

Frankly,payah gak nak tune in life without nasi tp gigih jua sbb nak kecikkan bdn. Am turning 30 last two days, later will upload pics. This year is the best year in my life, i starting learning how to accept fact of life with more tawaduk and insyaAllah am still learning and will keep on learning.

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