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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Two Wolves

The Two Wolves There are two wolves within me One is noble, wise and kind He always guides me towards the good In body, heart and mind This wolf seeks the path of honor And desires the best for me He respects my fellow man And understands eternity Alas, there is another wolf Who also dwells within An evil, dark and selfish wolf Who tempts me unto sin This second wolf is vicious He destroys and he devours He reminds me of my failures And taunts me in my darkest hours The evil wolf is cunning Full of anger, wrath and pride Striving ever with the better wolf With whom he dwells inside And which will be victorious? It remains yet to be seen The noble wolf is powerful But the evil wolf is mean The choice is really up to me Which wolf wins and which concedes For, in the end, the wolf who reigns Is the one I choose to feed By Frank Carpenter ©
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Why do i post this?...ehem...benda ni sedikit sebanyak ada relates ngan aku..lately aku nerves for something yg aku tak sure..takde pucuk pangkal..ibarat omputih cakap..
"Prepare an umbrella even if no rain falls."<----mcm tak sesuai je kan pepatah ni..
boleh dikatakan post ni utk tenangkan aku diri sendiri je..LOL...
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