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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hotlink potong rm20 dan refund immediately

@ : Hi, please DM us your mobile number for us to check further on your concern. TQ
@ Hi, it was a pleasure talking to you. Glad we were able to clarify your concern. TQ
Convos thru twitter

 Recently, i changed my phone to nokia c3.. Then last night, hotlink began to deduct my credit. then this morning, i checked credit and it shows been deducted for rm 20 continously. Aargh...

Then, i tweet to @ and  one of maxis staff, @ did call me just now and my issues solved within two hours. Frankly speaking, its was easy and get immediate attention from them rather than do a phone call directly. LMAO!

Mana nak tahan satu malam kasi potong rm20. thanks hotlink!...

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