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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Malware attacks

Dah bersarang blog ni, lama giler tak update selalu. One of the reason is no internet connection since baru je terminate(punye la teruk servis, mau buka fb page pun tak lepas).

Semalam, jalan-jalan di jusco seri kembangan. Terus amik P1.  Hopefully ok la. Semalam dah try. So far ok. Tapi lil worried gak, sebab kes2 yang lepas, mule2 ok. Pastu satu page pun tak bole nak buka. :(

 Opps, sorry terbabas, pagi ni nak bukak website tak boleh lak, ada malware attacks. nak buang malware  ni, kene buang la sume blog lists. Warghh......kene add balik satu2... 

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